Call Us: (626) 962-9795


Do you do wholesale

Yes, we do wholesale. as a trading & manufactory company we offer all kinds of trading based on customer's needs. If you are a retail and want to buy our product by batch. You can all us on (626) 962-9795, or sent us email on

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do ship to Canada, but if you are a Canada customer, please contact us advance.

How long it takes to refund?

We will refund you as soon as we received the returning item, or immediately refund for any problem caused by seller.

How do you promise the quality of product?

We’ve been doing this business for 25-years, we’ve built legit and stable import channel for quality control of our product. We used to only sale only off-line in California, our customers are major market operators from south California and north California, now our product is online though yamibuy, we also have store on, and self-operate site.